Nagy Péter

manager, chartered civil engineer

Nagy PéterMSc in Civil Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics was found a new home in VÍZKÖRTERV.
More, ever since successful professional organizations encouraged him to establish the company.
After graduation gained experience in road and utility plannnig, coordination of EU transport developement projects, and finally teaching, developing and marketing special engineering desing sofrtware.
Impressed by the world of musical theater is just as the near-body sight of snow-capped Alpine mountain peaks, but his railroad affection embodied as well in getting through the Trans-Siberian railway line several times.


Company overview

The mission of an engineer is to find solutions to problems that seem to have none, often on a daily basis. In this spirit, VÍZKÖRTERV constantly seeks new challenges, questions and, above all, answers.

The company, established in 1997, has successfully combined the benefits of many years of experience and engineering tradition with a constant self-renewal ability and adaptation to changing markets in the past two decades.

Our references span the field of complex transport facilities, complete road, railway and traffic engineering design as well as utilities design, including water, sewer and environmental engineering.

Our strengths

Civil engineering

We have extensive experience in various fields of infrastructure planning, particularly in the field of water management and environmental responsibilities. The transport planning also belongs to our activity. In each of the categories above is a rich reference material and years of professional experience available.
The basis of the design concepts of BIM approach in all cases, so that the 3D modeling is provided, which in our experience, even for smaller scale jobs can pay for itself many times over, as fast and dynamic tracking of the changes planned in the future will be much easier.


Our customers can safely entrust us visualization tasks related to civil engineering design, because our skilled engineers allow for direct cooperation with the designer. After a quick establishment of the necessary 3D models may be the most interesting issues for decision-makers of the actual infrastructure investment discussed. Since the plan does not simply as a set of lines, but in its virtual reality, walkable computer models exists as well, the problem and its solution can be visualized in a short time, making decision-making easier.

Teaching & Consulting

Our colleagues have several years of teaching experience in the design software used by engineers and other office programs and utilities. In every phase of the workflow, be it drawing, computing or conceptual, customized workflows are formed, placed the duties and possibilities of our partners in the center.


Our experienced colleagues assess the overall workflow within your company or specific projects, and make recommendations to improve their conduct. From geodetic surveying to final visualization at any time, so any work on the stage, we can connect into your project, and the possibilities are examining whether we undertake the development of complex work processes. Since the specific design tasks have different editing and modeling requirements attached, for efficient work raw data and the problem itself have to be purchased and fixed in order to be available in each case of the process.